A Social website meant for loners, chronic bachelors and maidens,      widows and widowers and divorcees who want to make friendship      with likeminded people.

Eligibility : Men should be atleast 30 years and women atleast 27       years and single to be eligible to join the club.

Registration fee is a onetime Rs.1000. It is worth it because joining      this site may change your life itself for the good. Limited members      will be accommodated on the Home page itself for an additional      payment of Rs.2000.

You will definitely meet people of your way of thinking and your likes      dislikes. and definitely you can be choosy who your friends are.

There is a discussion forum where you have the opportunity to vent       your thoughts and opinions.

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Groups can be created according to the      imagination of the members provided the      topic is legal and ethical.

There will be provision to send Greeting       cards free of cost among members.

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